10 Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks

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Whether you’re an old pro or learning what colour your thumb is, we have 10 tips and tricks to help you enjoy gardening. There’s nothing more rewarding than time spent gardening and we’re here to help you spend it wisely and to save a bit of money as well!

1. Use soap to prevent dirt under your finger nails. – It’s one of those tricks your grandma might have passed down to you. Simply scrape your finger nails across a bar of soap, plugging the finger nails with soap. When you’re done getting dirty for the day, you’ll find cleaning your hands a breeze with none of that dirt to dig out from under your finger nails.

2. Garden twine dispenser – An easy way to make a garden twine dispenser is by placing the twine underneath a clay pot allowing twine to pull out through the drain hole.

3. Measure once – take a shovel or rake, lay it down on the ground, then with a tape measure mark out some common gardening measurements with a permanent marker. Use common plant spacing measurements like 6 inches, 1 foot, and so on.

4. Hose guide – It’s easy to make a garden hose guide with 2 clay pots. Place a metal stake in the ground, slide one pot upside down over the stake through the drain hole. Slide the second clay pot unto the stake right side up. The top of your clay pot hose guide can still be used to plant in. Never let a good space go to waste.

5. Saving water – If you cover the outside of clay pots with a layer of latex paint or clear varnish, they’ll not only last longer than plastic ones, they also hold moisture for your plants. As an added bonus, they keep the roots cool and allow plants to breath/

6. Re-using water – Water that would normally be discarded after cooking or steaming vegetables is easily recycled by water plants.

7. Plant protector – Empty clay pots turned upside down and placed over small plants will protect them during a frost.

8. Name that plant – Identifying mature plants comes easily, but when plants are small the can appear similar. One way to mark your plants is by placing a stone in front of them. Use a stone with at least one flat side you can write on with a permanent marker. This rock name tag will be a natural fit to your garden.

9. Coffee in the morning – If you have acid loving plants like blueberry’s, raspberry’s and such, apply coffee or tea grounds around the base of the plant 3 or 4 times per year.

10. Chamomile tea – If seedlings show signs of damping-off fungus, basically any signs of disease near the soil or a thinning stem, spray with chamomile tea mist twice per day.

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