7 Essential Travel Apps

With today’s smart phone technology, travellers can tailor their experiences like never before. Let your phone be your ticket to easier, less stressful travel. From landing cheap airfares and selecting comfy seats to researching your destination and packing like a pro, here are 7 apps to lighten the travel load.

1. SeatGuru

Unveiling over 700 seat maps from over 100 airlines, this ingenious app uncovers the inside scoop on seat legroom, width, missing windows and available power sockets. If a seat near an emergency exit gets drafty, or won’t recline, SeatGuru spills the beans. With the information this free app provides, you can book your flight’s seat assignment without fearing a nasty surprise. SeatGuru also let’s you track flights in real time, and search for airfare deals.

2. Packing Pro

Forgetful frequent flyers and seasoned travellers swear by this handy app for fuss-free packing. Bursting with over 800 items in convenient categories such as clothes, medical, accessories, gadgets, kids and pets, users can rely on Packing Pro’s templates, or create their own customized lists. Add categories, check off pre-trip ‘to do’ lists and email your findings quickly and easily.

3. Trip Advisor

Guidebooks and industry websites only give you half the story. Thankfully, Trip Advisor came on the scene with its refreshing website overflowing with a million-plus travel reviews written by real people. Now savvy travellers can explore Trip Advisor’s wealth of invaluable information on the go with this convenient app. Check out reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world from your phone anywhere, anytime.

4. Gate Guru

Tired of dragging your carry-on luggage through crowded terminals searching for a specific shop, restaurant, or lounge? This app can tell you where to find restaurants, stores, currency exchanges, ATMs, and baby changing facilities in airports around the globe. Need to locate a car rental desk, or a phone-charging station? Gate Guru has you covered. And as an extra bonus, you can get updated flight information, too. Save time, avoid frustration and make your journey through the airport a breeze.

5. Auto Stitch

The smart phone marketplace is saturated with camera apps, but AutoStitch sticks out from the crowd. Perfect for capturing sweeping vistas on vacation, AutoStitch makes snapping panoramic photos effortless and addictive. Simply take overlapping pictures, and then hit ‘stitch’ for the app to automatically sew the images all together. The result is a striking high quality panoramic shot. Cropping and sharing options via Twitter, Facebook and email add to this app’s allure.

6. White Noise Lite

White Noise is one of those smart phone must-haves that can make a real difference when you’re on the road. Need to silence a noisy hotel room, or airplane, so you can get some shut-eye? White Noise plays ambient sounds – waves on a beach, chirping crickets, spring rain, oscillating fan, and more – to help you nod off. Its adjustable timer let’s you program the sounds so they quietly fade out as you drift off into a sound sleep.

7. Kayak

Keeping tabs on multiple email travel confirmations for hotels, flights and vehicle rentals can add up to a skull-splitting headache. Leave behind the paper trail (and the stress!) by getting organized with Kayak. Forward all the confirmation emails from your airline, and hotels to Kayak, and the app will build a comprehensive trip itinerary for you. Flight tracking, airfare comparisons, and hotel bookings can also be completed via this multitasking app.

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